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Who we are and what we stand for

In the year 1968, Seva Sangh Samiti was registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, Regn. No. s/8870(a) of the 1967-68. The Samiti was lead by Mr. Dennis Maher, President and Miss Veronica Florian as the first treasurer with a Secretary Mr. L. Louis and other members.

Seva Sangh Samiti stands for Spirit, Service, Association and lastly an organisation. The caption “Committee of Mutual Help” as the phrase suggest refers to the formation of a committee by Rev. Father Francoise Laborde, who with the help of local people of the slum, put his service to improve their living conditions. Pilkhana is one of the largest slums of Calcutta with over 100,000 inhabitants. They lack proper nutrition, sanitation, employment and healthcare. Father Francoise Laborde lived amongst the poor people in a small rental room to look into their problems.

The main objectives of the committee are to look into the following:

  1. Health affairs of the slum people.
  2. Education for all children living in the slum.
  3. Living condition of the poor people by supplying clean water and sanitation.
  4. Relief and rural development since growth of urban slums is rooted in rural poverty.

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